Before You Go

  • The Weeks Act Legacy Trail is a 100 mile driving loop with 40 sites of interest along the way. You may start the trail at any site, travel it in either direction and visit sites non-sequentially. The description of the trail here, however, including travel directions between sites, assumes a starting point of Artists Bluff at the north end of Franconia Notch and assumes travel in a counter clock-wise direction.
  • Some sites may require a fee for parking and/or use of facility. Trailhead parking lots and day use facilities on the White Mountain National Forest marked as fee areas require display of a WMNF use pass. These may be purchased at any WMNF office or information center, or from vendors . Alternatively, some sites have kiosks for purchasing single use passes. State Parks may charge a fee for entrance to certain day use facilities in-season including Echo Lake beach in Franconia Notch and Echo Lake beach in North Conway.
  • Driving directions and site information may change over time based on weather, road closures and other factors. Sawyer River Road, Bear Notch Road, Zealand Road and Old Cherry Mountain Road are closed in winter.
  • Some of the sites on this tour feature hiking trails. If you hike, remember: you are responsible for yourself! Be prepared with knowledge and gear, leave your plans with someone and be ready to turn back in the event of deteriorating conditions. The summits of the Presidential Range and Franconia Ridge are particularly exposed and susceptible to sudden and drastic changes in weather. A warm spring day can easily feel like winter above treeline. Know the forecast and follow all hikeSafe guidelines.
  • Some sites on the tour feature historical artifacts — please leave them as you find them. Federal law prohibits disturbing these sites or removing any artifacts.
  • Please drive courteously and follow the rules of the road. Obey all speed limits. Pull off the road to observe scenery and wildlife.
  • Observe all wildlife from a distance. Never handle or feed any animal.




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