[10] Greeley Ponds Scenic Area

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Greeley Ponds Trail Head

Greeley Ponds Trail Head

The Greeley Ponds are a pair of remote mountain ponds surrounded by old growth forest that survived the logging onslaught of over a century ago. Nestled between the steep slopes of Mounts Kancamagus and Osceola, the ponds themselves are an easy, level hike from the Kancamagus Highway.   The trail starts from a small parking lot just south of a hairpin turn in the Highway.  It traverses several split log bridges over small brooks and muddy sections before reaching Upper Greeley Pond at 1.6 miles and Lower Greeley Pond at 2.1 miles.  The trail is popular in winter with snowshoers and cross country skiers.  Lower Greeley Pond is the headwaters of the Mad River, a tributary of the Pemigewassett.  The Greeley Pond area was protected in 1920.  In 1968 it was designated a White Mountain National Forest Scenic Area — camping and campfires are prohibited year round to maintain the unspoiled beauty.

Greeley Ponds Scenic Area - White Mountains, NH (ScenicNH.com Photo)


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    Next on The Weeks Act Legacy Trail, the view from the top of the Kancamagus Highway at the Pemigewassett Overlook.  Travel 3.5 miles east to an elevation of over 2800 feet and you’ll find the Pemigewassett Overlook on the right.





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