[23] Saco and Ammonoosuc Lakes

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Saco Lake (ScenicNH.com Photography)

Saco Lake (ScenicNH.com Photography)

Saco Lake at the top of Crawford Notch is the headwaters of the Saco River.  This small, shallow lake is often photographed and painted with Elephant’s Head, a rock formation at the entrance to the Notch, in the background.  You can explore different views around the lake via a foot path around it.  One point of interest is a pet cemetery from the days of the Crawford House, a grand hotel that once existed at the top of the Notch.

Ammonoosuc Lake is on the other side of Rte 302. Starting behind the AMC Highland Center, the Around-The-Lake Trail takes you for an easy walk (you guessed it) around the lake.  You’ll stroll through shady evergreen forests, perhaps see a beaver, wood duck or even a moose, and discover an esker, a sand and gravel ridge formed by glacial action.  A side trail takes you to a red bench for views of the Presidential Range.  The total trip around the lake with the offshoot to the red bench and back is 1.8 miles.

Crawford Notch from Saco Lake by Russell Smith 1867

Crawford Notch from Saco Lake by Russell Smith 1867 (image courtesy of whitemountainart.com)









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    When you get back from your walk around Ammonoosuc Lake, you’ll be at the next site on our tour:  a dream realized by one of the leading supporters of The Weeks Act, the Appalachian Mountain Club.






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