[28] Fabyan Guard Station

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Fabyan Guard Station

Fabyan Guard Station

The Fabyan Guard Station was the first permanent structure built on the national forest by the Forest Service, and is today the only remaining Guard Station.  Managing the vast White Mountain National Forest before modern notch roads, automobiles and other technology required great resourcefulness.  This cabin was built with hand tools by eventual forest supervisor C.L. Graham using spruce logs cut on site.    Guard stations like this one provided field quarters for forest officials watching over 40 to 50,000 acres of forest.  These stations became obsolete as transportation technology advanced, and today, this lone example remains.

Another interesting attraction here is the road, Old Cherry Mountain Road.  To create some of the original throughways of the White Mountains without incurring state or town expense,   NH allowed private companies to build roads and charge tolls for their use.  This road was built as the Jefferson Turnpike in 1811.  At  its southern end, near modern day Route 302, the 10th NH Turnpike headed east and the Littleton Turnpike headed west.  Together, these turnpikes provided the first real corridor of travel between Vermont and the seacoast, encouraging inland commerce and tourism.

Old Cherry Mountain Road

Old Cherry Mountain Road

Today, the road is maintained by the Forest Service as a seasonal road.  One of the fascinating natural features here is the Deception Esker, a sand and gravel deposit left by retreating glaciers.  Much of the road is built along this esker.

IMPORTANT:  Historic places on the national forest are protected by federal law.  Please leave it where you find it for the benefit of future generations!



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    Return to the beginning of Old Cherry Mountain Road and take a right onto Lower Falls Road just before reaching Route 302. Park at the gate and take a 5-minute walk to discover Lower Falls on the Ammonoosuc River.






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