[40] Eagle Cliff Old Growth Area


Yellow Birch Oldgrowth

Yellow Birch Oldgrowth (David Govatski Photo)

The Lafayette Brook Scenic Area behind Eagle Cliff is one of New Hampshire’s best examples of old growth forest.  As you walk into the forest, Lafayette brook separates restored forest on the left from old growth on the right.  The old growth begins first as a northern hardwood forest where yellow birch, maple and beech are the dominant species.  As the forest ascends the difficult terrain of  Eagle Cliff it becomes Red Spruce.   Difficult logging terrain and long-time ownership by a tourism-minded company (The Profile House) might at least partially explain why these woods were never logged.  Eagle Cliff, a spur of Mount Lafayette and visible from much of the northern section of the Franconia Notch Parkway, is named for the golden eagles that nested there in the 1800s.  Today, the cliff is nesting ground for peregrine falcons.

Eagle Cliff and Profile Lake from Cannon Mountain (Greg Keeler Photo)

Eagle Cliff and Profile Lake from Cannon Mountain (Greg Keeler Photo)









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    To continue to site #1 of the Weeks Act Legacy Trail, Artists Bluff, take NH-18 N/Profile Rd for .7 miles, passing under I-93/Route 3.  The trail head is located across from the Echo Lake parking lot.







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