[9] Discovery Trail

Discovery Trail (Chris Proulx photo)

Discovery Trail (Chris Proulx photo)

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The White Mountain National Forest is a working forest; it continues to provide jobs and forest products like timber. The Discovery Trail is a 1.5 mile walking loop that shows you how the forest is managed for these uses responsibly. Along the Discovery Trail you will see how, unlike slash-and-burn techniques of old, modern forest practices are patterned after natural disturbances to maintain a healthy, renewable forest, habitat for fish and wildlife and opportunities for recreation. The Discovery Trail is an easy walk for all ages and is universally accessible.  Along the way are 10 interpretive displays explaining the scenes before you.  In addition, a Discovery Trail Curriculum can be downloaded from the White Mountain National Forest website.  The website also has contact information for planning group visits.

Discover Trail (Chris Proulx photo)

Discovery Trail (Chris Proulx photo)








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    The next stop on the Weeks Act Legacy Trail takes us a little deeper into the forest.  Continue travelling east on the Kancamagus Highway 2.2 miles. The head of the Greeley Ponds Trail will be on the right at a sharp bend in the road.



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